Simon has always been fascinated with films and the art of capturing the perfect shot, and it was inevitable that his professional career would take him down the path of the camera operator.

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Professional Steadicam & Omega Revolution Operator

Simon spent many years developing his skills in many different roles, particularly when it came to the use of the Steadicam. He worked in an incredibly diverse selection of jobs, which was all serious hands-on experience in a wide variety of fields.

Eventually, keen to take things to the next level and looking for new challenges, he made the decision to become a freelance camera operator. He purchased his own Steadicam equipment, which enabled him to develop his skills even further. In turn, this led to him receiving more and more Steadicam work as he began to build a solid reputation. So much so that he soon gave up conventional camera work to focus solely on his main area of expertise.

First UK Steadicam & Omega Revolution Operator To Adopt The Segway

Following this choice to specialise, Simon quickly began to look for ways to improve the effectiveness of this equipment, becoming the first operator in the UK to use the Steadicam in conjunction with a Segway. He was also one of the very first operators in the UK to own and operate the AR Omega Revolution system, and as such, has unrivalled experience when it comes to using this remarkable equipment.

In the past seven years of owning and operating the AR Revolution system, during which he has grown increasingly familiar with it, his admiration for the system has greatly increased. No matter what the project or how insignificant the shot, the difference it can make to the success of a shoot and the quality of the end result is remarkable.

Simon looks forward to working with you and helping bring your own perfect stabilised shots to life!

Simon Wood – +44(0)7956 406 178